Aravind Krishnan

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Problem statement: This study presents a novel method for the determination of average winding temperature rise of transformers under its predetermined field operating conditions. Rise in the winding temperature was determined from the estimated values of winding resistance during the heat run test conducted as per IEC standard. Approach: The estimation of(More)
PURPOSE We investigated predictors of fractional anisotropy (FA) change in the corticospinal white matter tract (CST) following radiation therapy (RT). METHODS Diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) is a non-invasive modality which models water diffusion properties. FA quantifies the extent of directional bias-a decrease indicates disrupted white matter(More)
Introduction  Twin-lift represents a departure from standard sling load operations which require a completely different method of rigging, formation flight and load stabilization. To handle these changes, THOR focused on the following:  DAFCS/EGI Formation Flight System– Uses feedback from EGIs and feedforward from DAFCS to allow precision formation(More)
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