Aravind Heragu

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Under the framework of the project ”Intelligent Systems for Personalized Medicine (ISyPeM)”, this work involves the design and realization of a low power wireless interface for biotelemetry. The intrinsically high quality factor (Q) of the bulk acoustic wave (BAW) resonators is exploited to perform narrow band filtering at RF and also to(More)
A quadrature sub-sampling direct conversion mixer capable of sampling two or more bands concurrently using a single sampling frequency is presented. The implementation of the mixer to sample a band in quadrature and downconvert it to baseband is discussed and it is shown how this idea could be extended to sample in quadrature two or more bands concurrently.(More)
In this work, a sub sampling receiver front end at 2.4 GHz with high Q filtering to perform channel selection at RF is presented. A low power solution for channel selection directly at RF is proposed in this work using “pseudo-self-biased” inverter amplifier with a BAW resonator lattice as a load to realize high selectivity. This work focusses on the(More)
In this paper, a novel circuit referred to as complex G<inf>m</inf>-C sampler that can be used for sub-sampling IF signals is presented. The circuit employs a conventional cross-coupled G<inf>m&#x00AD;</inf>C filter structure with a built-in sampler to combine the functions of complex anti-alias filtering and baseband downconversion by sampling in a single(More)
A sub-sampling RF front end which exploits the intrinsically high quality factor of MEMS devices for performing channel filtering directly at RF is proposed in this work. This narrow band filtering at RF also acts as a good anti-aliasing filter to support down-conversion by sub-sampling. The RF front end employs current reuse for amplification, mixing and(More)
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