Arata Ishimoto

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We shall be concerned in this paper with the logical analysis of natural language on the basis of Lesniewski's ontology, which is a logical system without type-distinction between individuals and monadic predicates. This, it is believed, is also one of the features of natural language, and use will be made of this feature for developing a fragment of n(More)
Arata ISHIMOTO and Mitsunori KOBAYASHI §1 Introduction In Ishimoto (23 and subsequently in Kobayashi and Ishimoto (5) it was proved that a propositional fragment of Lesniewski's ontology is embedded in first-order predicate logic with equality via a translation. (See also Shimizu and Kagiwada (12).) Now, in this paper a much simpler proof will be given of(More)
By pure calculus of names we mean a quantifier-free theory, based on the classical propositional calculus, which defines predicates known from Aristotle's syllogistic and Leśniewski's Ontology. For a large fragment of the theory decision procedures, defined by a combination of simple syntactic operations and models in two-membered domains, can be used. We(More)
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