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A three-year-old girl injured her right eyelid with a toothbrush. The wound was sutured. Swelling of the eyelid, high fever and vomiting developed in spite of oral antibiotics for seven days. The findings of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) were white blood cells (WBC) 26,368/mm3 (90% polymorphs), protein 127 mg/dl, and sugar 0 mg/dl. Although Gram negative(More)
BACKGROUND Sphingobacterium spiritivorum is a glucose non-fermenting Gram-negative rod, formerly classified as one of the Flavobacterium species. It is characterized by a large number of cellular membrane sphingophospholipids. Sphingobacterium species are ubiquitous and isolated from natural environments, such as soil and water. However, they rarely cause(More)
An 89-year-old Japanese man on peritoneal dialysis (PD) was suspected of having a PD-associated catheter infection. He visited the hospital because of the discharge of pus from the exit site of his catheter. Gram staining of the pus showed Gram-positive bacilli, but these were acid-fast bacilli. The rapidly growing nontuberculous mycobacteria, Mycobacterium(More)
Background: Trimethoprim–sulfamethoxazole (TMP/SMX) is an essential antimicrobial agent for treating pneumocystis pneumonia (PCP). Furthermore, the risk of hypoglycemia is increased with the co-administration of sulfonylurea due to the presence of the same sulfanilamide structural group in SMX and sulfonylurea. However, hypoglycemia caused by a single(More)
Background: Ferric citrate hydrate (FCH), an iron-based phosphate binder, affects mineral and iron metabolism in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD). The long-term impact of FCH on iron overload is unknown. With this study, we investigated whether the type of dialysis is associated with FCH-related iron accumulation. Methods: This single-center,(More)
A 52-year-old Japanese male professional diver was referred to our hospital for decompression illness (DCI). After 1 h of diving operation at 20 m below sea level, he complained of dyspnea, chest pain, and abdominal pain. He dove again, intending to ease the symptoms, but the symptoms were never relieved. He dove for a total of 4 h. No neurological(More)
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