Arash Tabibiazar

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A new approach for non-blind watermarking of still gray level images in the wavelet domain. The method uses the human visual system (HVS) characteristic, and an innovative entropy based approach to create an efficient watermarking scheme is presented in this paper. It decomposes original image in DWT domain in to three hierarchical levels and watermarks it(More)
Traffic congestion is one of major problems in numerous cities especially in urban areas. An appropriate solution comes from the modeling of traffic data and understanding the congestion characteristics. Various methods were developed to solve this problem, however, still necessary to develop new approaches. In this paper, a kernel-based density estimation(More)
Location based services in wireless networks is a quite demanding application especially in urban areas. Cellular network provides measurements regarding the signal attenuations from serving and neighbouring base stations for managing radio resources. Localization based on this inconsistent received signal strength is a challenging problem. This paper(More)
The aim of this research is to investigate the possibility of using medical image information to extract unique features and classify different patients’ organ tissues, such as the prostate, based on concepts related to what is already done in iris recognition. This paper therefore presents a new approach in medical imaging, an organ recognition(More)