Arash Rafat

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The role of species' interactions in structuring biological communities remains unclear. Mutualistic symbioses, involving close positive interactions between two distinct organismal lineages, provide an excellent means to explore the roles of both evolutionary and ecological processes in determining how positive interactions affect community structure. In(More)
To understand the nature of a symbiotic relationship it is important to study the symbionts in different stages, from free-living to symbiosis. Lichens in the genus Usnea are mutualistic symbioses between Usnea spp., the mycobionts, and Trebouxia spp., the photobionts. In this study, in vitro experiments were conducted to isolate symbionts of several(More)
Lucerne and Caucasian clover dry matter were measured in response to recommended lime and capital P inputs for six years in an acidic soil in the New Zealand high country. The initial three years of the field experiment indicated successful establishment and persistence of both legumes. Lucerne dry matter (DM) yield was up to 4 t/ha/yr in this period and(More)
Bilateral testicular biopsies were obtained from 27 patients and submitted to two different treatments for each of them: firstly, a classical fixation and colouring, permitting the histopathological diagnosis and subjective appreciation of the degree of fibrosis; secondly, a new objective technique based on optical diffractometry: this method is based on(More)
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