Arash Nejadpak

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Over 115 years ago Tesla invented the concept of wireless power transfer. Many industrial applications based on this technology have been developed ever since. This technology is of interest especially where the interconnecting wires are inconvenient, or even impossible. This paper provides a survey that describes the history of wireless power technology.(More)
In this paper, we present a bilevel control framework to achieve a highly-reliable smart distribution network with large-scale penetration of distributed renewable resources (DRRs). We assume that the power distribution network consists of several residential/commercial communities. In the first level of the proposed control scheme, distributed(More)
This paper presents a stabilizing controller design method for quasi resonant (QR) converters described by a class of piecewise linear (PWL) models. The generalized state-space averaging technique (GSSA) is applied for the modeling and analysis of the half-wave zero current switching quasi-resonant (HW-ZCS-QR) buck converter. The nonlinear GSSA model of the(More)
An analysis of the impact on transient stability of adding renewable generation capacity to a power system is performed and new approach to calculating the stability limit is proposed. Wind generation is being treated as inertia-less generation source. The results show that addition of wind generation has dissimilar impact depending on the transient event(More)
This paper presents a droop-based control methodology for a cluster of distributed generation systems and loads, accumulated together to form an AC μGrid. It is very important to operate and control μGrid in a way to achieve more reliability, cost benefit and enhanced performance. The main control objective in the proposed control methodology(More)
One of the major concerns of future power systems is to utilize EVs as effective flexible means of controlling load demand. In this paper, the main goal is to evaluate the effect of large-scale utilization of electric vehicles (EV) on the total system loss. In this context, first the EVs' charging demand will be obtained using two probabilistic parameters:(More)
In this paper, we develop a guideline for advertisers to make the best marketing practices by visualizing and studying the evolution of popular Twitter hashtags. We monitor specific quantitative attributes like the numbers of initiators and commentators. This information allows us to identify the patterns for best practices. This practices are not(More)