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Lipid nanoparticles (liposomes) were first described in 1965, and several work have led to development of important technical advances like triggered release liposomes and drug-loaded liposomes. These advances have led to numerous clinical trials in such diverse areas such as the delivery of anti-cancer, antifungal, and antibiotic drugs; the delivery of(More)
Renal cell carcinoma is one of the most common tumors of the urinary tract. This tumor may appear as Para neoplasticsyndromes or distant metastasis. Metastases in uncommon areas are one of the characteristics of renal tumors.One of the uncommon metastatic renal masses areas is the mandible. In different studies, patient survival aftermetastasis diagnosis is(More)
Several advancements have been made on the exact release of local anaesthetics formulation and its efficiency at inducing motor and sensory block for an extended time has been harnessed in clinical practice. The use of sustained release formulations delivers analgesia for a lengthier period of time with one administration, thereby reducing complications(More)
Prolonged delivery of analgesic drugs at target sites remains a critical issue for efficient pain management. The use of nano-carriers has been reported to facilitate applicable delivery of these agents to target sites with a reduced level of systemic toxicity. Different analgesics have been loaded onto various nano carriers, including those that are(More)
The chase procedure is an indispensable tool for several database applications, where its termination guarantees decidability of these tasks. Most previous studies have focused on the skolem chase variant and its termination. It is known that the standard chase variant is more powerful in termination analysis provided a database is given. But all-instance(More)
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