Arash Jafari

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Varroa destructor is the most serious pest of honeybee (Apis mellifera), causing high economic losses in the beekeeping industry worldwide. The intensive utilization of many chemical substances against the mites resulted in resistance development. One of the applicable and alternative treatments being used for their control is plant-derived products (PDSS).(More)
Angiogenesis is known as one of the hallmarks in cancer which could play a key role in providing oxygen and nutrients for tumor cells. It has been shown that tumor cannot grow without sufficient development of new blood vessels. Accordingly, targeting angiogenesis, especially endothelial cells, could be considered as a common therapeutic target in tumors(More)
The objective of this diploma work is to investigate a set of Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) channel models compatible with the emerging IEEE 802.11n standard. This diploma work validates also advanced, innovative tools and wireless technologies that are necessary to facilitate wireless applications while maximizing spectral efficiency and(More)
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