Arash Arfaee

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Digital signal processing applications often require the computation of linear systems. These computations can be considerably expensive and require optimizations for lower power consumption, higher throughput, and faster response time. Unfortunately, system designers do not have the necessary tools to take advantage of the wide flexibility in ways to(More)
Matrix inversion is an essential computation for various algorithms which are employed in multiantenna wireless communication systems. FPGAs are ideal platforms for wireless communication; however, the need for vast amounts of customization throughout the design process of a matrix inversion core can overwhelm the designer. Decomposition methods provide the(More)
Early exposure to embedded computing systems is crucial for students to be prepared for the embedded computing demands of today’s world. Unfortunately, this exposure often comes too late in the curricula to make a meaningful impact. This paper describes our experience with integrating embedded computing systems education into high school and early(More)
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