Arash Akbarzadeh

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BACKGROUND Honey contains a complex mixture of carbohydrates and other minor substances. Elements are minor constituents of honey that may threaten the human health in excess concentrations. So, determining the metals in honey helps its quality control as a food product. The aim of this study was to determine the concentrations of some metals in Iranian(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to evaluate the rate of subjective mental workload (SMWL) and its correlation with musculoskeletal disorders among bank staff members in Kurdistan Province located in western Iran. METHODS This cross-sectional study was conducted among 200 bank staff members in Kurdistan Province, Iran. The mental workload was(More)
To assess men's educational needs to improve their involvement in perinatal care we carried out a descriptive, cross-sectional study on 400 women seeking perinatal care in Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences hospitals and 400 men who were accompanying them. Participants were recruited using a quota sampling method. A questionnaire was used to(More)
INTRODUCTION Frequent nursing errors are considered as factors that affect the quality of healthcare of patients. Capable nurses who are compatible with work conditions are more focused on their tasks, and this reduces their errors and cognitive failures. Therefore, this study was conducted with the aim of investigating the relationship between work ability(More)
BACKGROUND Electrical burns account for a significant percentage of fatal accidents. Each year, a number of consumers in Iran suffer from electrical injuries due to technical problems, equipment failures, and the unauthorized use of electricity. The aim of this study was to examine the root causes of accidents that involved electricity in the district(More)
BACKGROUND The workplace plays an important role in workers' performances, but most workplaces have not been designed and equipped in keeping with primary ergonomic principles. Ignoring these principles can cause ergonomic risk factors, difficulties for workers, and damage to workers' health. The aim of this study was to identify acceptable ergonomic(More)
BACKGROUND Major injuries and death in accidents have roots in drowsiness. Sleepiness is a main result of insufficient sleep. It is vital to explore drowsiness and its level. There are various sorts of methods in the forms of subjective and objective approaches. The goal of this study was to detect the association of subjective and interpretive drowsiness(More)
In a study conducted by WHO in 55 hospitals situated in 14 countries of the four regions of Eu-rope, East Mediterranean, Southeast Asia, and Western Pacific, it was found that, on the average, 8.7% of hospitalized patients were afflicted with hospital-acquired infections. This study also revealed that more than 4.1 million people in the world suffer from(More)
BACKGROUND The wind turbine's sound seems to have a proportional effect on health of people living near to wind farms. This study aimed to investigate the effect of noise emitted from wind turbines on general health, sleep and annoyance among workers of manjil wind farm, Iran. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total number of 53 workers took part in this study.(More)
INTRODUCTION This study examined whether cognitive symptoms and health-related quality of life can be affected by welding fume exposure. METHOD Participants consisted of welders (n = 40) and welder assistants (n = 25) from welding units as the exposed group, and office workers (n = 44) as the non-exposed group. All participants were studied using ambient(More)