Ararigleno Almeida Fernandes

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This paper discusses how design-led start-up businesses can enhance their growth potential through securing exclusive access to intellectual property (IP). Many design-led start-up companies commonly see themselves confronted with a dilemma in that they require funds for design development as well as for overheads on the one hand, and for IP on the other.(More)
We are poised to embark upon commercialization of a novel neurosynaptic substrate for cognitive computing. Neurosynaptic systems promise a new capability for distributed sensing and processing to deliver enduring value for science, technology, government, business and society. Realizing this potential requires a fundamental departure from conventional(More)
—This paper proposes the usage of an ontology indexation process via concept maps to generate evidences of irregularities in payrolls. The proposal uses audit indicators as an instrument for documenting evidences as well as for tracking the data from the moment in which it is provided and structured. Hence, this proposal includes a methodology for(More)
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