Arantza del Pozo

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This article describes a large-scale evaluation of the use of Statistical Machine Translation for professional subtitling. The work was carried out within the FP7 EU-funded project SUMAT and involved two rounds of evaluation: a quality evaluation and a measure of productivity gain/loss. We present the SMT systems built for the project and the corpora they(More)
This paper describes the data collection and parallel corpus compilation activities carried out in the FP7 EU-funded SUMAT project. This project aims to develop an online subtitle translation service for nine European languages combined into 14 different language pairs. This data provides bilingual and monolingual training data for statistical machine(More)
Most Voice Conversion (VC) systems exploit source-filter decomposition based on linear prediction (LP) to transform spectral envelopes, incurring as a result various issues related to the oversimplification of the LP voice source model. Whilst residual prediction methods can mitigate this problem, they cannot be used to modify voice source quality. In this(More)
This paper describes the data collection, annotation and sharing activities carried out within the FP7 EU-funded SAVAS project. The project aims to collect, share and reuse audiovisual language resources from broadcasters and subtitling companies to develop large vocabulary continuous speech recognisers in specific domains and new languages, with the(More)
— The aim of the AnHitz project, whose participants are research groups with very different backgrounds, is to carry out research on language, speech and visual technologies for Basque. Several resources, tools and applications have been developed in AnHitz, but we have also integrated many of these into a prototype of a 3D virtual expert on science and(More)
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