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Seasonal and inter-annual variations of dissolved oxygen (DO) along the estuary of Bilbao were investigated from 1998 to 2008, during its rehabilitation phase from pollution, to determine whether anthropogenic or natural forcings or both govern DO dynamics and hypoxia. Both seasonal and inter-annual variations of DO were best explained by hydro-climatic(More)
The rates of water column nitrification measured as nitrapyrin-sensitive rates of bicarbonate assimilation were monitoredalong the salinity gradient of the estuary of the RiverNervión (Bay of Biscay) from January to November 1993.Highest nitrapyrin-sensitive rates of bicarbonate assimilationwere found in the deep layer at stations located in the(More)
Electron microscopy of single particles aims at the elucidation of the three-dimensional structure of macromolecular complexes. This information is crucial for the more complete understanding of how these nanomachines perform their functions in the cell. Electron microscopy images are recorded in digital form at a resolution much higher than needed from the(More)
The effects of environmental factors on variations of dissolved oxygen (DO) saturation was assessed in 2 estuaries (Bilbao and Urdaibai) in the Bay of Biscay with contrasting hydrography and anthropogenic impact, for the period 1997 to 2006, using generalised additive models (GAMs) and generalised additive mixed models (GAMMs). Spatial and temporal(More)
Feeding is critical for larval survival and it becomes a determining factor in the annual recruitment in species such as European anchovy Engraulis encrasicolus. Additionally, since differences in the plankton community may affect the larval feeding patterns, an interregional comparative study may contribute to understand these patterns concerning larval(More)
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