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Continuous infusion of glucose with model assessment was used to measure glucose tolerance, beta-cell function, and insulin sensitivity in 154 first-degree relatives of 55 patients with type-2 diabetes. The plasma glucose achieved at 1 h was normally distributed in normal control subjects, but 31 (20%) of relatives of type-2 diabetics had values above the(More)
The delivery of oxygen by arterial blood to the tissues of the body has a number of critical determinants including blood oxygen concentration (content), saturation (S O2 ) and partial pressure, haemoglobin concentration and cardiac output, including its distribution. The haemoglobin-oxygen dissociation curve, a graphical representation of the relationship(More)
REFERENCES 1 Hillerdal G. Mesothelioma: cases associated with non-occupational and low dose exposures. environmental evidence of the health effects of exposure to erionite fibres: a four year study in the Cappadocian region of Turkey. Association of Metsovo lung and pleural mesothelioma with exposure to tremolite-containing whitewash. 9 Senyig ˘ it A,(More)
Measurement of action potential duration is made more valuable if it can be made simultaneously with other variables, to which it may be related. We have developed a microcomputer-based system which allows measurement of action potential duration, both for transmembrane action potentials and for monophasic action potentials. The system allows simultaneous(More)
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