Aram Rudenski

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Increased state funding in all sectors of research is now being advocated in the name of a new economic theory called Endogenous Growth Theory (EGT). Here, Terence Kealey and Aram Rudenski (Cambridge University, UK) argue that this new model of scientific funding, devised by Stanford economist Paul Romer in 1990, is inherently flawed--as was the model(More)
Rapid emmetropization is described in pediatrically normal infants from 9 months of age during the following year. The infants, obtained from various categories of the Cambridge population screening program, provided a broad range of refractive errors. The large group of 254 nonanisometropic infants studied allowed the mean rate of change and dependence on(More)
The delivery of oxygen by arterial blood to the tissues of the body has a number of critical determinants including blood oxygen concentration (content), saturation (S O2 ) and partial pressure, haemoglobin concentration and cardiac output, including its distribution. The haemoglobin-oxygen dissociation curve, a graphical representation of the relationship(More)
We previously reported independent links between the IGF system and the development of impaired glucose tolerance and cardiovascular risk. This study tests the hypothesis that the lifestyle change which accompanies population migration, with attendant increases in cardiovascular risk, is reflected by changes in the IGF system. We compared a specific(More)
Measurement of action potential duration is made more valuable if it can be made simultaneously with other variables, to which it may be related. We have developed a microcomputer-based system which allows measurement of action potential duration, both for transmembrane action potentials and for monophasic action potentials. The system allows simultaneous(More)
REFERENCES 1 Hillerdal G. Mesothelioma: cases associated with non-occupational and low dose exposures. Occup Environ Med 1999; 56: 505–513. 2 Constantopoulos SH. Environmental mesothelioma associated with tremolite asbestos: lessons from the experiences of Turkey, Greece, Corsica, New Caledonia and Cyprus. Regul Toxicol Pharmacol 2008; 52: 110–115. 3 Baris(More)
INTRODUCTION Insulin resistance is implicated in the pathogenesis of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Insulin-sensitizing agents are increasingly used in the treatment of infertility and hirsutism in PCOS. However, not all women with PCOS are insulin-resistant. OBJECTIVE To assess the degree of insulin resistance within a clinic population of women(More)
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