Aram Karalic

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We present a new approach, called First Order Regression (FOR), to handling numerical information in Inductive Logic Programming (ILP). FOR is a combination of ILP and numerical regression. First-order logic descriptions are induced to carve out those subspaces that are amenable to numerical regression among real-valued variables. The program FORS is an(More)
The advantage of using linear regression in the leaves of a regression tree is analysed in the paper. It is carried out how this modiication aaects the construction, pruning and interpretation of a regression tree. The modiication is tested on artiicial and real-life domains. The results show that the mod-iication is beneecial as it leads to smaller(More)
In order to ensure stable and reliable network operations communication network and service providers have to intelligently manage their budgets. To support this task there is a need for automated network management. Such management includes self-configuration, self-optimization, self-healing, and self-protection making the networks more robust but also(More)
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