Araly Barrera

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The goal of automated summarization is to tackle the “information overload” problem by extracting and perhaps compressing the most important content of a document. Due to the difficulty that singledocument summarization has in beating a standard baseline, especially for news articles, most efforts are currently focused on multi-document summarization. The(More)
Between the 16 and 18 October 2003, some amounts of precipitation greater than 225 mm and sea waves higher than 8.5 m were recorded in Catalonia (NE Spain) and near its coast. Some rivers in the NE of the region were overflowed and the sea swell produced several damages near the coast. In order to analyse this case and to improve the forecasting of events(More)
The development of a device for generating ac magnetic fields based on a resonant inverter is presented, which has been specially designed to carry out experiments of magnetic hyperthermia. By determining the electric current in the LC resonant circuit, a maximum intensity of magnetic field around of 15 mT is calculated, with a frequency around of 206 kHz.(More)
Single document summarization, which is as important as multiple document summarization for a variety of reasons, has been attracting declining interest recently. The goal of this study is to introduce a new approach to single document summarization and its implementation, <i>SynSem</i>. Our approach fuses syntactic, semantic, and statistical methodologies(More)
This work presents, SemQuest, a questionanswering system used in the TAC 2011 guided summarization task based on semantics and extensions of a previous-developed single-document extractor. Our overall methodology includes: a data cleaning step, linguistic preprocessing among category articles, and a sentence extraction phase. A maximal marginal relevance(More)
The effect of selection intensity and population size on the response to selection for percent oil in the grain of maize (Zea mays L.) was evaluated in a replicated experiment over ten cycles of selection. An open-pollinated variety, Armel's Reid Yellow Dent, was divided into subpopulations of 6,10 and 50 plants. Selection proportions of 17% and 5% were(More)
MgAl and MgAlTi mixed oxides were obtained from the thermal treatment of LDH materials synthesized by the sol-gel method; these materials were characterized by N2 physisorption, XRD, UV-vis, XPS, EDS-SEM and TEM techniques. According to the results, Ti was incorporated in the LDH layer when content in the material was low. The MgAl and MgAlTi mixed oxides(More)
A scanning system for specific absorption rate of ferrofluids with superparamagnetic nanoparticles is presented in this study. The system contains an induction heating device designed and built with a resonant inverter in order to generate magnetic field amplitudes up to 38 mT, over the frequency band 180-525 kHz. Its resonant circuit involves a variable(More)