Arai Monteforte

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This paper discusses the convenience of predicting, quantitatively, time-dependent reliability and availability levels associated with most building or civil engineering structures. Then, the paper reviews different approaches to these problems and proposes the use of discrete-event simulation as the most realistic way to deal with them, specially during(More)
Stress, strength and their interference are essential components of reliability. To estimate product reliability, reliability engineers require an understanding of product stress. Such estimates are more meaningful if stress relates directly to product use. Because often usage data is stable and varies little over time, obtaining representative mathematical(More)
(2011): " MIRHA: multi-start biased randomization of heuristics with adaptive local search for solving non-smooth routing problems ". (2010): " The SR-GCWS hybrid algorithm for solving the capacitated vehicle routing problem ". (2009): " Using oriented random search to provide a set of alternative solutions to the capacitated vehicle routing problem " .
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