Arafat Awajan

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This article describes a multilayer model-based approach for text compression. It uses linguistic information to develop a multilayer decomposition model of the text in order to achieve better compression. This new approach is illustrated for the case of the Arabic language, where the majority of words are generated according to the Semitic root-and-pattern(More)
With the advent of online data, sentiment analysis has received growing attention in recent years. Sentiment analysis aims to determine the overall sentiment orientation of a speaker or writer towards a specific entity or towards a specific feature of a specific entity. A fundamental task of sentiment analysis is sentiment classification, which aims to(More)
The rapid growth of the Internet and other computing facilities in recent years has resulted in the creation of a large amount of text in electronic form, which has increased the interest in and importance of different automatic text processing applications, including keyword extraction and term indexing. Although keywords are very useful for many(More)
Compression techniques have gained great importance in the field of communications and information technology in order to reduce the growing size of data and to increase the data transmission speed between computers and over the networks. In addition to these aims, text compression techniques aim at using the compressed text in text oriented application(More)
Information systems of many organizations are processed through system of interrelated ‘C’ programs. Since, the ‘C’ programming language was developed in the early second half of the last century. It couldn’t incorporate to facilitate the current day’s technology. Therefore, the programs developed based on this are not coping with the advancement of(More)
Due to the growing advancement of crime ware services, the computer and network security becomes a crucial issue. Detecting sensitive data exfiltration is a principal component of each information protection strategy. In this research, a Multi-Level Data Exfiltration Detection (MLDED) system that can handle different types of insider data leakage threats(More)
This paper focuses on the creation of Arabic named entity gazetteers, by exploiting Wikipedia and using the Naïve Bayes classifier to classify the named entities into the three main categories: person, location, and organization. The process of building the gazetteer starts with automatically creating the datasets. The dataset for the training is(More)
This paper proposes a new keyword extraction method that uses bag-of-concept to extract keywords from Arabic text. The proposed algorithm utilizes semantic vector space model instead of traditional vector space model to group words into classes. The new method built word-context matrix where the synonym words will be grouped into the same class. The(More)