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Power and energy consumption are important concerns in the design of high performance and mobile computing systems, but have not been widely considered in the design of parallel and distributed simulations. The importance of these factors is discussed and metrics for power and energy overhead in parallel and distributed simulations are proposed. Factors(More)
An energy profile indicates the amount of energy consumed by different parts of a parallel or distributed simulation program. Creating energy profiles is not straightforward because high precision, low overhead energy measurement mechanisms may not be available, and it is not straightforward to determine the amount of energy consumed by different hardware(More)
Onroad distance calculation between two geographical points is an integral part of various Global Positioning System (GPS) based Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) applications. We have found that mere calculating the distance between two geographical points without giving importance to geographical information of the road, such as curves can lead to(More)
Energy and power consumption have become important concerns for many computing systems ranging from embedded and mobile systems operating on battery-powered devices to high performance and cloud computing applications running on supercomputers and in data centers. To date, only a limited amount of work has considered power consumption in parallel and(More)
Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have initiated a revolution in higher education by providing opportunities for interested students to learn from the comfort of their individual locations at their desired pace. However, an important and highly successful aspect of traditional classroom education/pedagogy, which is modulating content delivery based on(More)
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