Aradhna Gupta

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The river Ganges has been one of the major recipients of industrial effluents in India. The present paper deals with the study related to occurrence and bioaccumulation of heavy metals (Cu, Cr, Cd, Pb, Zn) in the riverine water, sediment, and the muscles of two cat fish species, Channa punctatus (C. punctatus) and Aorichthys aor (A. aor) procured from the(More)
Wistar rats of 6–8 weeks in age weighing between 120–150 g were exposed to the fixed doses of each of the carbamate pesticides such as cartap (50% LD50) and carbofuran (50% LD50) as well as a combination of these two with 25% LD50 of each for one week. The effect of treatments was studied in terms of serum lipid parameters such as high-density lipoprotein,(More)
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