Aracely Rafaelle Fernandes Ricarte

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The objective was to evaluate sperm survival in the six-banded armadillo, using a thermoresistance test, and to compare sugar solutions with varying osmolarities to analyze the integrity of the functional sperm plasma membrane in this species. Twelve ejaculates were obtained from four mature males by electroejaculation and evaluated for sperm motility,(More)
We verify the efficiency of a protocol for estrus synchronization in captive female collared peccaries (Pecaricari tajacu) using the prostaglandin analog D-cloprostenol. Five adult female collared peccaries received an intramuscular administration of 60 µg D-cloprostenol, which procedure was repeated after a 9-day interval. For 10 days after second the(More)
The aim of this study was to compare the accuracy of two methods used to estimate testicular volume in the collared peccary. Calliper and ultrasonographic measurements of testicular dimensions (length, width and height) of both testes were taken on five adult collared peccaries. The testicular volume was calculated by Lambert's empiric formula: length (L) ×(More)
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