Araceli Queiruga Dios

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The Chor-Rivest cryptosystem, based on a high-density knapsack problem on a finite field Fqh , was broken by S. Vaudenay for q ≈ 200, h ≈ 24, and h admitting a factor s verifying a certain condition. A new set of parameters q and h, which prevent this cryptosystem against Vaudenay’s attack, is presented and the computational aspects of its implementation in(More)
A new experience for teaching Cryptography to engineering students is shown. The aim is to give them a better understanding of secure and cryptographic algorithms by using Maple software, in a graduate-level course. In this paper we discuss how to structure, define, and implement a web-based course as a part of the traditional classes, according to the(More)
Vaudenay’s cryptanalysis to Chor-Rivest cryptosystem is not applicable if the parameters p and h of the finite field are both prime integers. This case is analyzed below and the parameters for which such cryptosystem is cryptographically interesting are listed. Regrettably the resulting cryptosystems are not very efficient in practice.