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α-Glucosidase Inhibitors from Vauquelinia corymbosa
The α-glucosidase inhibitory activity of an aqueous extract and compounds from the aerial parts of V. corymbosa was demonstrated with yeast and rat small intestinal α-glucosidases. The aqueousExpand
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Anti-Hyperglycemic Activity of Major Compounds from Calea ternifolia
Demethylisoencecalin (1) and caleins A (4) and C (5) (3.16–31.6 mg/kg, p.o.), the major components from an infusion of Calea ternifolia controlled postprandial glucose levels during an oral sucroseExpand
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Spasmolytic Action of Preparations and Compounds from Hofmeisteria schaffneri
Hofmeisteria schaffneri is used in Mexican folk medicine for treating painful gastric complaints. Therefore, in this paper the smooth muscle relaxant effect of the essential oil, and an infusion ofExpand
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UHPLC-MS Analysis of Polyphenols in the Aqueous Extract of Hydrangea seemannii
Chemical analysis of the ethyl acetate soluble fraction prepared from the infusion of Hydrangea seemannii L. Riley, Hydrangeaceae, an endemic medicinal plant of Mexico, afforded thirteen polyphenolsExpand