Araceli Caro

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The purpose of this review is to establish that genuinely sporadic cases of true, heritable, Huntington's chorea are extremely rare. The diagnosis of the disease can cause immeasurable distress and hardship to both the sufferers and their relatives and offspring. For example: A young man had the consequences of Huntington's chorea explained to him following(More)
BACKGROUND Missed, delayed or incorrect diagnoses are considered to be diagnostic errors. The aim of this paper is to describe the methodology of a study to analyse cognitive aspects of the process by which primary care (PC) physicians diagnose dyspnoea. It examines the possible links between the use of heuristics, suboptimal cognitive acts and diagnostic(More)
As Gillian and Glendinning said in their letter to the editor (July 3, p. 46), the family doctor is the ideal person to inform and counsel families of victims of Huntington's chorea. 1st the doctor must learn that a person is from such a family. Sometimes a patient's family is scattered all over Britain or even abroad. Individuals at high risk should(More)
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