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Recently, the interest in natural products for the treatment of cancer is increasing because they are the pre-screened candidates. In the present study, we demonstrate the therapeutic effect of celastrol, a triterpene extracted from the root bark of Chinese medicine on gastric cancer. The proliferation of AGS and YCC-2 cells were most sensitively decreased(More)
Abasic (apurinic/apyrimidinic, AP) sites are the most common DNA lesions formed in cells, induce severe blocks to DNA replication, and are highly mutagenic. Human Y-family translesion DNA polymerases (pols) such as pols η, ι, κ, and REV1 have been suggested to play roles in replicative bypass across many DNA lesions where B-family replicative pols stall,(More)
We previously reported that the prognosis of microsatellite instability high (MSI-H) gastric cancer is similar to that of MSI-low/microsatellite stable (MSI-L/MSS) gastric cancer. The reason for this seemed to be related to the effects of chemotherapy. To verify this hypothesis, we expanded the study population and reanalyzed the prognosis of MSI-H gastric(More)
It is well established that reactive oxygen species (ROS) are essential signaling molecules for muscle differentiation. Carbonyl reductase 1 (CBR1) reduces highly reactive lipid aldehydes and catalyzes a variety of endogenous and xenobiotic carbonyl compounds. However, the role of CBR1 in muscle differentiation remains unclear. In this study, we found that(More)
BACKGROUND MitoQ is a mitochondria-targeted derivative of the antioxidant ubiquinone, with antioxidant and anti-apoptotic functions. Reactive oxygen species are involved in many inflammatory diseases including inflammatory bowel disease. In this study, we assessed the therapeutic effects of MitoQ in a mouse model of experimental colitis and investigated the(More)
Non-volatile memories based on scanning probes offer very high data densities, but existing approaches require the probe to be heated, which increases the energy expenditure and complexity of fabrication. Here, we demonstrate the writing, reading and erasure of an ultrahigh-density array of nanoscopic indentations without heating either the scanning probe(More)
The BMB Reports would like to correct in the reference of BMB Rep. 48(9), 531-536 titled "Gecko proteins induce the apoptosis of bladder cancer 5637 cells by inhibiting Akt and activating the intrinsic caspase cascade". The ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS should be corrected as follows, "This work was supported by the National Research Foundation of Korea(More)
Background. The objective of the present study was to perform a bioguided fractionation of unripe Rubus coreanus Miquel (uRC) and evaluate the lipid accumulation system involvement in its antiobesity activity as well as study the uRC mechanism of action. Results. After the fractionation, the BuOH fraction of uRC (uRCB) was the most active fraction,(More)
Diarrhea is a common side effect experienced by cancer patients undergoing clinical chemotherapy, such as with 5-fluorouracil (5-FU). However, the precise mechanisms underlying 5-FU-induced diarrhea remain unclear. In the present study, we examined the role of neutrophil in 5-FU-induced diarrhea. Mice were given 5-FU (50mg/kg, i.p.) daily for 4 days.(More)
Recent evidence supports a neuroprotective role of Src homology 2-containing protein tyrosine phosphatase 2 (SHP-2) against ischemic brain injury. However, the molecular mechanisms of SHP-2 activation and those governing how SHP-2 exerts its function under oxidative stress conditions are not well understood. Recently we have reported that reactive oxygen(More)