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The success of the Internet is remarkable in light of the decentralized manner in which it is designed and operated. Unlike small scale networks, the Internet is built and controlled by a large number of disperate service providers who are not interested in any global optimization. Instead, providers simply seek to maximize their own profit by charging(More)
We introduce the Minimum-size bounded-capacity cut (MinSBCC) problem, in which we are given a graph with an identified source and seek to find a cut minimizing the number of nodes on the source side, subject to the constraint that its capacity not exceed a prescribed bound B. Besides being of interest in the study of graph cuts, this problem arises in many(More)
Programming language interpreters, proving equations (e.g. <i>x</i><sup>3</sup> = <i>x</i> implies the ring is Abelian), abstract data types, program transformation and optimization, and even computation itself (e.g., turing machine) can all be specified by a set of rules, called a rewrite system. Two fundamental properties of a rewrite system are the(More)
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