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Tissue glycation from diabetes and aging can result in complications such as renal failure, blindness, nerve damage and vascular diseases. In this work, we applied multiphoton microscopy for imaging and characterizing the extent of tissue glycation. The characteristic features of multiphoton autofluorescence (MPAF) and second harmonic generation (SHG)(More)
PURPOSE To qualify and quantify structural alterations in keratoconic corneas ex vivo by the use of second-harmonic generation (SHG) microscopy and two-dimensional fast Fourier transform (2D-FFT) analysis. METHODS Two keratoconic and three normal human corneal specimens were imaged with a multiphoton microscope. Forward and backward second-harmonic(More)
In recent years, two-photon excitation fluorescence and second harmonic generation microscopy has become an important tool in biomedical research. The ability of two-photon microscopy to achieve optical sectioning with minimal invasiveness is particularly advantageous for biomedical diagnosis. Advances in the miniaturization of the imaging system have(More)
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