Ara Arakelian

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Fluctuations of the Southern Hemisphere eddy-driven jet are studied in a suite of experiments with the Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique, version 4 (LMDZ4) atmospheric GCM with varying horizontal resolution, in coupled mode and with imposed SSTs. The focus is on the relationship between changes in the mean state brought by increasing resolution, and the(More)
Fluctuations of the surface membrane potential due to adsorbtion and desorbtion of ions when environmental fluctuations generate a fluctuation in the number of adsorbtion sites were investigated. The correlation functions of surface charge density, surface potential and the spectral density of surface potential fluctuations were calculated. The(More)
Ligand binding with nucleic acids is described in frames of the theory of random processes. It is shown that the probabilistic description of binding of a ligand to nucleic acid allows one to describe not only the kinetics of changes in the number of bound ligands at arbitrary fillings but also to calculate stationary values of the number of bound ligands(More)
The interaction of ethidium bromide with calf thymus DNA was investigated by the method of differential pulse voltammetry. It was found that ethidium bromide binds with DNA in several ways. Corresponding values of the constants and the number of binding sites were determined. The intercalation, semi-intercalation, and electrostatic mechanisms of interaction(More)
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