Aránzazu Anabitarte-Prieto

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Angiotensinogen (AGT) gene polymorphism has shown significant differences in the allelic frequencies between hypertensive and normotensive subjects. This allele frequency varies among ethnic groups. There are still some controversies related to the 235T-variant as a marker for essential hypertension. As part of an extensive case-control study carried out in(More)
BACKGROUND Angiotensin receptor 1 blockers (ARB) are standard nephroprotective drugs in chronic kidney disease. There is less evidence for a nephroprotective effect of HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors (statins) and much less is known about potential benefits of combination therapy. We evaluated the therapeutic potential of a statin alone or in combination with(More)
We evaluated the anti-hypertensive and anti-albuminuric effect of the angiotensin receptor blocker telmisartan alone and in combination with torasemide and amlodipine. Patients were hypertensive, both diabetics and non-diabetics with persistent microalbuminuria. Our primary endpoint was a change in microalbuminuria levels, while the secondary endpoints were(More)
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