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Arabic tweets sentiment analysis – a hybrid scheme
The fact that people freely express their opinions and ideas in no more than 140 characters makes Twitter one of the most prevalent social networking websites in the world. Being popular in SaudiExpand
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A survey of automatic Arabic diacritization techniques
In Modern Standard Arabic texts are typically written without diacritical markings. The diacritics are important to clarify the sense and meaning of words. Lack of these markings may lead toExpand
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A text summarizer for Arabic
Automatic text summarization is an essential tool in this era of information overloading. In this paper we present an automatic extractive Arabic text summarization system where the user can cap theExpand
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Aara’– a system for mining the polarity of Saudi public opinion through e-newspaper comments
Aara’ is a system for mining opinion polarity through the pool of comments that readers write anonymously at the online edition of Saudi newspapers. We use a nave Bayes classifier with a revisedExpand
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صلاخلا ــ ة : لجو زع اللها با تآ د عب يملاسلإا عيرشتلل يناثلا ردصملا ةيوبنلا ثيداحلأا ربتعت . اللها ىلص يبنلا لا عفأو لاو قأ نم ةدمتسم تا ياور يه ثيداحلأا ماركلا هباحصأو ملسو هيلع . نيرصنع نم ثيدح لآExpand
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Modern information retrieval in Arabic – catering to standard and colloquial Arabic users
The widespread use of colloquial dialects among the younger generation of Arabs is depriving many of them the fruits of information freedom. Although most Arabs have no problem with reading text inExpand
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An abstractive Arabic text summarizer with user controlled granularity
Abstract Automated summaries help tackle the ever growing volume of information floating around. There are two broad categories: extract and abstract. In the former we retain the more importantExpand
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Ikhtasir — A user selected compression ratio Arabic text summarization system
Automatic text summarization is an active research field. The rapid growth of the Web, and the associated information overloading, has injected new life into this research area. In certain languagesExpand
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Lemaza : An Arabic why-question answering system
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The Wiimote with SAPI: Creating an Accessible Low-Cost, Human Computer Interface for the Physically Disabled
Summary In this paper we report on an inexpensive device that helps a person with physical disability to interact with the Web. The human computer interface is made through a head tracking pointer.Expand
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