Aqeel Rustum

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Existing routing services calculate the best route from source to destination over a road network graph. Most commercial routing services offer the best route in terms of either the shortest travel distance or the shortest travel time (with or without considering current traffic conditions). While travel distance and travel time are crucial route(More)
Road-network data compression reduces the size of the network to occupy lesser storage with the aim to fit small form-factor routing devices, mobile devices, or embedded systems. Compression (1) reduces the storage cost of memory and disks, and (2) reduces the I/O and communication overhead. There are several road network compression techniques proposed in(More)
In smart cities, commuters have the opportunities for smart routing that may enable selecting a route with less car accidents, or one that is more scenic, or perhaps a straight and flat route. Such smart personalization requires a data management framework that goes beyond a static road network graph. This paper introduces PreGo, a novel system developed to(More)
We demonstrate a novel location aware services framework termed COMA for efficient compression and map-matching of road-network graph data. Key innovations include working demonstration of a new compression algorithm to eliminate nodes and edges that do not affect graph connectivity while ensuring object location map-matching accuracy. The demonstration(More)
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