Aqeel H. Kazmi

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Reducing energy consumption within buildings has been an active area of research in the past decade; more recently, there has been an increased influx of activity, motivated by a variety of issues including legislative, tax-related, as well as an increased awareness of energy-related issues. Energy usage both in commercial and residential buildings(More)
As the cost of energy will in all probability remain on an upward trajectory for the foreseeable future, minimising energy expenditure is of strategic importance for governments, commercial organisations and individuals alike. While the desire to consume energy efficiently may be universal, albeit for diverse reasons, realising and sustaining effective(More)
Wearable sensor systems require an interactive and communicative interface for the user to interpret data in a meaningful way. The development of adaptive personalization features in a visualization tool for such systems can convey a more meaningful picture to the user of the system. In this paper, a visualization tool called Visualization in Team Scenarios(More)
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