Apurva Pathak

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BACKGROUND Ayurvedic formulations are used to treat a wide variety of diseases including diabetes mellitus Standardization of herbal formulation is essential in order to assess the quality of drugs. The present paper reports standardization of eight herbal anti-diabetic drugs-Momordica charantia (seeds), Syzigium cumini (seeds), Trigonella foenum (seeds),(More)
In today’s world of e-commerce, recommender system plays an important role for both individual user and business. Traditional recommender systems mainly emphasize on individual user satisfaction by recommending high quality items. However, recent study shows that diversity in recommendations is equally important factor from both user and business view(More)
Recommender system (RS) is an important instrument in e-commerce, which provides personalized recommendations to individual user. Classical algorithms in recommender system mainly emphasize on recommendation accuracy in order to match individual user's past profile. However, recent study shows that novelty and diversity in recommendations are equally(More)
Many websites offer promotions in terms of bundled items that can be purchased together, usually at a discounted rate. 'Bundling' may be a means of increasing sales revenue, but may also be a means for content creators to expose users to new items that they may not have considered in isolation. In this paper, we seek to understand the semantics of what(More)
In this project, we consider the problem of predicting restaurant ratings solely from the text reviews given by the user. This is a challenging text mining problem and it has many applications on online review platforms. The project involves evaluating different feature extraction methods: Bag of words and Vowpal Wabbit. These extracted features are trained(More)
With the growing urbanization and globalization, long commute and traffic problems have become the everyday nightmare of an Indian metro city dweller. The non-existence of a singular dashboard, which can provide holistic view of the city traffic, has aggravated this problem manifold for the traffic authorities and its citizens. This paper describes the(More)
Wireless Sensor Networks has been an active research area over past few years. The diversity in the applications used in wireless sensor networks represents its great success. There are different characteristics of the topologies used in routing method. Energy and communication ability is important during designing of a routing protocol for wireless sensor(More)
Microorganisms are ubiquitous in nature, when they present in air phase of atmosphere regarded as bioaerosols. Aerobiology is one of the branch of science under which all the aspects of airborne microorganism were studied. With the recent advancement of tools and techniques along with the origin of newer branch of engineering that is aerosol engineering;(More)
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