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Pycnodysostosis (the Toulouse-Lautrec syndrome) is a rare autosomal-recessive disorder of osteoclast dysfunction. This disorder was first described by Maroteaux and Lamy in 1962. We describe anaesthetic management of a 35-year-old female having pyknodysostosis with fracture shaft left femur with anticipated difficult intubation. Therefore, spinal anesthesia(More)
BACKGROUND The transversus abdominis plane (TAP) block is an effective method of providing postoperative analgesia in patients undergoing midline abdominal wall incisions, by blocking the abdominal wall neural afferents via the bilateral lumbar triangles of Petit. We evaluated its analgesic efficacy in patients during the first 48 postoperative hours after(More)
significant at the 5% level, because the interval does not include a relative risk of one. But for the third outcome measure which shows a slight increase in risk in the experimental intervention group, the observed difference is not statistically significant at the 5% level, because the interval does include a relative risk of one.[2] Another advantage of(More)
Carbamazepine is an antiepileptic drug. In clinical trials the total incidence of reported adverse reaction to this drug is 4.5 per million at defined daily doses, corresponding to 2.7 per million at prescribed daily doses. Among the adverse reactions of carbamazepine, most often reported are skin reactions (48%), hematological (14%), hepatic disorder(More)
BACKGROUND Venous thromboembolism (VTE), although a very common problem in everyday clinical practice, remains asymptomatic in most cases. Clinical diagnosis helps identify those who are going to have thromboembolic episode. A combination of clinical scoring systems like Wells' score and D-dimer assay provide a useful diagnostic tool. Trauma (surgical or(More)
BACKGROUND The Truview EVO2(C) laryngoscope (TL) is a recently introduced optical device designed to provide an unmagnified anterior image of the glottic opening and allow indirect laryngoscopy. AIM This study is designed to determine whether the TL is a better alternative to the Macintosh laryngoscope (ML) for routine endotracheal intubations in patients(More)
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