Apurva Joshi

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The Multiple Mice project demonstrated the financial [1] and learning [2] benefits of enabling students in resource-constrained schools to share one computer. In India, the lack of Multiple Mice authoring tools coupled with teachers' low computer proficiency means little or no customized content is created. This is problematic as the capability to create(More)
Nowadays web services technology is widely used to integrate heterogeneous systems and develop new applications. Here an application of integration of hotel management systems by web services technology is presented. Digital Hotel Management integrates lots of systems of hotel industry such as Ordering System Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT), Billing System,(More)
Data tracking and analytics methods for organizations operating in rural locations are cumbersome -- particularly for the many that continue to use traditional, non-electronic methods. To evaluate effectiveness and productivity, these organizations are being asked to adopt data and analytics methodologies that are technology oriented in nature. Today,(More)
Bandwidth of proximity fed E-shaped microstrip antenna has been increased by gap-coupling pair of rectangular slot cut rectangular microstrip antennas along its radiating edges. The patch and slot dimensions were optimized to cover 800 – 1200 MHz frequency band. In this paper, a detail analysis to study the effects of slot and patch dimension on the(More)
Broadband microstrip antenna is more commonly realized by cutting slot inside the patch. While designing slot cut antennas at a given frequency, slot length is taken to be either quarter wave or half wave in length. However this simpler approximation does not give closer result. In this paper, an analysis to study the effect of slot like, half U-slot and(More)
In this paper we take further the experimental work on the use of multiple-input devices for developing regions and describe the process involved in creating a ready-to-deploy multimedia CD for English, as a second language, in vernacular-language-medium Indian schools. We briefly explore three areas here – first, we discuss the choice of learning English(More)
Teachers become increasingly engaged in computer-mediated instruction when they have control over the content. This engagement is critical for the effective use of computers in education. In India, however, two related prevailing conditions limit teacher engagement in computer-mediated learning. First, the low level of teachers' computer proficiency means(More)
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