Apurva A. Desai

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Recently there is an emerging trend in the research to recognize handwritten characters and numerals of many Indian languages and scripts. In this manuscript we have practiced the recognition of handwritten Gurmukhi numerals. We have used three different feature sets. First feature set is comprised of distance profiles having 128 features. Second feature(More)
This paper deals with a recognition system of character for handwritten Tifinagh Text. Here in this work a neural network (the multi-layer perceptron MLP) and Hidden Markov Models (HMM) are proposed for handwritten characters identification. The features of Tifinagh characters are abstracted by mathematical morphology. Acquisition, scanning, thinning and(More)
Optical character recognition is a very challenging area. Many works have been done and still being done for many languages across the world. For many Indian languages too good amount of work has been done. However, Gujarati is a language for which hardly any work can be found. Gujarati has a rich literary heritage, and therefore it is important to preserve(More)
Handwritten recognition is an area of research where many researchers have presented their work and is still an area under research to achieve higher accuracy. In past collecting, storing and transmitting information in form of handwritten script was the most convenient way and is still prevailing as a convenient medium in the era of digital technology. As(More)
Gujarati language is used in the western state of Gujarat. Because of its peculiarities, its Optical Character Recognition becomes very difficult. For this language very less work has been done in the area of Optical Character Recognition. In this paper, I have attempted the problem of Optical Character Recognition for handwritten Gujarati alphabets. For(More)
Large amount of information is prevailing on paper and in an era of digital technology it requires it to store this information in electronic format. Using scanner this information can be digitized. Later any modification in terms of add, editing, removing and searching to it requires a technique or methodology which will identify text from image and(More)
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