Apryll M Stalcup

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High-index oils are critical to the performance of optical electrowetting devices, such as lenses, prisms, and retroreflectors. Herein, the preparation and electrowetting analysis of 1-chloronaphthalene are reported. When 1-chloronaphthalene is mixed with small amounts of an alkane, the following properties can be achieved: refractive index > 1.60,(More)
A study comparing the electrophoretic separation performance attainable from microchips molded by masters fabricated using conventional CNC machining techniques with commercial microchips, wire imprinted microchips, and microchips from LIGA molding devices is presented. An electrophoresis-based detection system using fluorescence microscopy was used to(More)
The electrokinetically pinched method is the most commonly used mode for sample injection in microchip capillary electrophoresis (microCE) due to its simplicity and well-defined sample volume. However, the limited injection volume and the electrophoretic bias of the pinched injection may limit its universal usage to specific applications. Several(More)
The effectiveness of a graded series of craft activities on improving visuomotor skills was tested with an inpatient child psychiatry population. A standardized test of visuomotor integration served as a pretest and posttest to compare two nonconcurrent groups in the same setting. The inpatient program was the same for both groups, except that the treatment(More)
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