April Norris

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Digital libraries increasingly host collections that are archival in nature, and contain digitized and born-digital materials. In order to preserve the evidentiary value of these materials, the collection organization must capture the general context and preserve the relationships among objects. Archival processing is a well-established method for(More)
The plasma wave receiver on the AMPTE UKS has sensors for measuring magnetic (100 Hz < f < 60 kHz) and electric (100 Hz < f < 3 MHz) components of the wavefield. These are connected to a stepped-frequency analyzer and an autocorrelator. Additionally, the electric sensor is connected to four fixed-frequency filters. The signal processing elements are(More)
This paper describes how data from the AMPTE UKS Spacecraft is acquired and processed by the United Kingdom Operations and Control Centre (UKOCC) at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. A review of UKOCC data handling is followed by a description of the systems used to analyze and display data in real time and to generate files and tapes of full-resolution(More)
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