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Salinity tolerances of reef corals have been experimentally investigated since the early twentieth century. Yet, nearly 100 years later, we are no closer to having a threshold that can be applied in studies of the impacts of freshwater runoff on coral communities. We present an empirically derived salinity threshold for sensitive Acropora species from the(More)
The ability of baboons to discriminate changes in the formant structures of a synthetic baboon grunt call and an acoustically similar human vowel (/epsilon/) was examined to determine how comparable baboons are to humans in discriminating small changes in vowel sounds, and whether or not any species-specific advantage in discriminability might exist when(More)
It has been understood since 1897 that accelerating charges must emit electromagnetic radiation. Although first derived in 1904, cyclotron radiation from a single electron orbiting in a magnetic field has never been observed directly. We demonstrate single-electron detection in a novel radio-frequency spectrometer. The relativistic shift in the cyclotron(More)
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