April L Kennedy

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Combinatorial and structure-based medicinal chemistry strategies were used together to advance a lead compound with an activity of K(i) = 58 microM via a potency enhancement of >70 000-fold to an analogue with an activity of K(i) = 0.8 nM against influenza neuraminidase (A/Tokyo/67). Lead optimization was initiated using molecular modeling and combinatorial(More)
[reaction: see text] The preparation and synthetic applications of a novel resin-bound isonitrile are described. The resin is an example of a novel convertible isonitrile that can be utilized in the Ugi multicomponent reaction. Base-activation of the resin-bound Ugi product results in cleavage via formation of a N-acyloxazolidone that is then trapped as a(More)
HCV serine protease NS3 represents an attractive drug target because it is not only essential for viral replication but also implicated in the viral evasion of the host immune response pathway through direct cleavage of key proteins in the human innate immune system. Through structure-based drug design and optimization, macrocyclic peptidomimetic molecules(More)
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