April Durette

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A neutral red assay involving Vero cells was used to quantitate the cytotoxic activity of verotoxins (VT) produced by Escherichia coli and to investigate changes in titer caused by altering the composition of the cell culture medium. Three variations on medium 199 were investigated: one involved supplementing the medium with 5% fetal bovine serum (FBS), a(More)
We studied 25 patients with myelofibrosis with myeloid metaplasia and 19 patients with secondary myelofibrosis associated with pulmonary hypertension (PH). In these 2 groups, we compared the peripheral-blood CD34 count, the clonality of granulocytes and platelets in peripheral blood, the mutational status of the JAK2 kinase gene, and the morphology of the(More)
Porcine and bovine aortic endothelial cells and human colonic adenocarcinoma cells were compared for their susceptibility to the toxic effect of purified Shiga-like toxin IIe (SLT-IIe), measured by the neutral red cytotoxicity assay. Cytotoxicity correlated with toxin binding as indicated by fluorescence activated cell sorter analysis and with the(More)
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