Apostolos Stathakis

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The size and complexity of communication satellite payloads have been increasing very quickly over the last years and their configuration / reconfiguration have become very difficult problems. In this work, we propose to compare the efficiency of three well-known metaheuristic methods to solve an initial configuration problem, which objective is to minimise(More)
Communications satellites are designed to provide services by forwarding signals to customers. Uplink signals are filtered and amplified to ensure signal output quality. This is ensured by the payload part of the satellite. Reconfigurable hardware components like switches are embedded in the payload to route signals through the satellite. By setting switch(More)
The increasing size and complexity of communication satellites has made the manual management of their payloads by engineers through computerised schematics difficult and error prone. This article proposes to optimise payload reconfigurations for current and next generation satellites using a novel Integer Linear Programming model (ILP), which is a variant(More)
Today's world is a vast network of global communications systems in which satellites provide high-performance and long distance communications. Satellites are able to forward signals after amplification to offer a high level of service to customers. These signals are composed of many different channel frequencies continuously carrying real-time data feeds.(More)
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