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Fine-grain reconfigurable devices suffer from the time needed to load the configuration bitstream. Even for small bitstreams in partially reconfigurable FPGAs this time cannot be neglected. In this article we survey the performance of the factors that contribute to the reconfiguration speed. Then, we study an FPGA-based system architecture and with real(More)
Driven by novel biological wet lab techniques such as pyrosequencing there has been an unprecedented molecular data explosion over the last 2–3 years. The growth of biological sequence data has significantly out-paced Moore's law. This development also poses new computational and architectural challenges for the field of phylogenetic inference, i.e.,(More)
Pulse width modulation (PWM) has been widely used in power converter control. Most high power level converters operate at switching frequencies up to 500 kHz, while operating frequencies in excess of 1 MHz at high power levels can be achieved using the planar transformer technology. The contribution of this paper is the development of a high-frequency PWM(More)
We design a very high speed LDPC code decoder architecture for (3,6)-regular codes by employing hybrid quantization, pipelining, and FPGA-specific optimizations. Our pipelined architecture fully addresses the decoder's significant I/O requirements, even when an early termination circuit is employed. The proposed decoder can achieve a throughput of up to(More)
This project is aimed at developing the full TCP/IP protocol as an open-source IP core which can be freely used, as well as to develop know-how on protocol boosting for complex protocols such as TCP/IP. The problem was quite challenging, especially if we consider that just about all commercial implementations of TCP/IP do not fully implement all of the(More)
The most popular representative devices of reconfigurable computing are the Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs). A promising feature of an FPGA is the ability to reuse the same hardware for different tasks at different phases of an application execution. Moreover, the tasks can be swapped on the fly while part of the hardware continues to operate. This(More)
Recursion is a powerful technique used to solve problems with repeating patterns, and is a fundamental structure in software. To date there is no known general way to apply a recursive solution to reconfigurable hardware; it is considered difficult to implement, of low performance and resource-intensive. In this paper we extend previous results on hardware(More)