Apollo I. Ellis

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We focus on the real-time realistic rendering of a 3-D scene to a 2-D vector image. There are several application domains which could benefit substantially from the compact and resolution independent intermediate format that vector graphics provides. In particular, cloud streaming services, which transmit large amounts of video data and notoriously suffer(More)
ITreS is a prototype information system for substance abuse counselors and clinicians. ITreS integrates client records, on-line screening and assessment instruments, and knowledge bases into a single integrated system. This paper discusses two aspects of the development of ITres: the use of the World Wide Web as a development and delivery environment and(More)
We propose a new cloud gaming platform to address the limitations of the existing ones. We study the rendering pipeline of 2D planar maps, and convert it into the server and client pipelines. While doing so naturally gives us a distributed rendering platform, compressing 2D planar maps for transmission has never been studied in the literature. In this(More)
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