Apisak Worapishet

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A triple-mode microstrip ring resonator core for the design of bandpass filters is proposed in this paper. It is a modification of the conventional single-mode ring resonator with a pair of open-ended coupled lines and a shunt open stub for a transmission-line path of the ring substituted to form a triple-mode resonator. Since the triple-mode resonator(More)
A parallel-coupled microstrip bandpass filter based on the stepped-impedance coupled resonator (SICR) for suppression of harmonic spurious response is presented. The SICR relies upon the incorporation of different stepped impedances for the even and odd propagation modes of the coupled microstrip lines. This is to align the modal parallel resonance(More)
Recently, a distributed arithmetic (DA) technique has been employed in digital implementation of finite impulse response (FIR) filters, since it can significantly reduce hardware resources at the cost of higher clock frequency. In this paper, we show that the concept of DA can be efficiently exploited in an analogue domain. Specifically, a switched-current(More)
The design and measured performance of a 1 to 20 GHz CMOS distributed mixer is presented. The design is realized in a standard 0.25mum process and uses asymmetric coplanar strip (CPS) transmission line interconnects for low loss and small circuit size. The measured response shows conversion gain of 1dB with 7dBm LO power and input return loss better than(More)