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One of the important peptide hormones that control reproduction in crustaceans is gonad-inhibiting hormone (GIH). GIH is known to modulate gonad maturation by inhibiting synthesis of vitellogenin(More)
The CHH/MIH/GIH peptide family of black tiger prawn (Paneaus monodon) is important in shrimp reproduction and growth enhancement. In this study, the cDNA that encodes the complete peptide that is(More)
Red pigment-concentrating hormone (RPCH) is a member of the AKH/RPCH peptide family present mainly in crustaceans and insects. Insect AKH is responsible for metabolic functions whereas RPCH plays a(More)
The synthesis of vitellogenin during ovarian maturation in crustacean is induced by gonad-stimulating factor(s) that are synthesized in the brain and thoracic ganglia. This process is negatively(More)