Apinan Na Nakorn

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The prevalence of ear disease and hearing disability in elderly Thais in 14 urban communities around Siriraj Hospital was studied. The accuracy of diagnosis and treatment of common ear diseases and of screening for hearing loss in the elderly between general practitioners (GP) and Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialists was also compared. Elderly people aged(More)
Symptoms of balance disorders including 'unsteadiness', 'dizziness and vertigo' are common in the elderly and commonly found in general practice in medicine. There are many causes of balance disorders and vary from one person to another. Disorder of the internal ear or vestibular end-organ type is one cause. Unsteadiness of somato-sensory or proprioception(More)
The ear and hearing survey of the Thai elderly in 14 urban communities around Siriraj Hospital was repeated one year after the first survey in order to detect any changes. Altogether 556 elderly people came for follow-up examination, 191 were males, 365 were females, the average age was 68.2 years (60-88 years). Ear disease was diagnosed by ENT specialists(More)
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