Aphzal Mohammed

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A study was conducted to determine serum copper (Cu) concentrations and hematological values of 174 sheep from four medium sized farms, pertaining to physiological stage, in the late dry and late wet seasons of Central Trinidad. Serum Cu was significantly lower in the dry than in the wet season (P < 0.001) with a corresponding high percentage of samples(More)
A study was conducted to determine hematological values of 153 grazing goats, pertaining to physiological stage, in the late dry and late wet seasons of Central Trinidad. Goats had lower (P<0.01) haemoglobin (Hb) and packed cell volume (PCV) values in the wet than in the dry season. 41% of goats in the wet season exhibited a non-regenerative anaemia (Hb<80(More)
The purpose of this experiment was to carry out a preliminary comparison of growth rates, Feed Conversion efficiencies (FCR), Dressing percentages (DP) and from two batches of broilers reared under standard management practices except that to one batch only, Aloe vera (Aloe barbadense) pulp was added to the drinking water. Broiler weights via pen and pen X(More)
This review describes the functional roles of copper and related enzymes targeting clinical manifestations of deficiency. These include osteoarthritis, aortic rupture in cattle, anaemia, swayback and recent studies on copper’s immune function in combating infection. Factors affecting copper intakes, absorption and metabolism affecting copper storage are(More)
Little is known of the physiological Na and K tissue changes from birth to adulthood in sheep and other livestock. The purpose of this study was to compare the changes in the sodium and potassium contents of liver, kidney and brain tissues in newborn lambs with those of growing and adult sheep tissues. Serum, Liver, kidney and brain tissue samples were(More)
A study was conducted to evaluate serum and tissue micro-mineral concentrations of sheep and goats at the end of the dry and wet seasons in Trinidad. Tissue Samples for analysis were taken from the same liver lobe, the kidney cortex mainly (and outer medulla) and the cerebral hemispheres. Tissue sample trace concentrations were for Cu, Zn, Fe and Mn were(More)
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